GPS has become a common tool for navigation. However, using GPS on the water is distinctly different from a moving map display in your car. This seminar explains the principles of waypoint navigation which you will use. It then shows you how to relate the GPS to you charts which provide essential information about what is around you.
The seminar also shows you how to operate your GPS – what the buttons do, what the screens show, and how to access the functions you need. A handheld GPS is used as the demonstration model, but all GPS receivers function similarly. By the time you have completed the seminar, you will be able to store waypoints into your GPS, activate them for navigation, and use GPS to keep you on a safe, pre-qualified course of your choosing. You’ll also get some tips for choosing a GPS if you don’t currently own one.
The seminar is $30.00 and is held at the America’s Boating Club –  Key West Sail and Power Squadron building at 5205 College Road on Stock Island, Saturday, February 17th at 10:00 a.m. For more information, call Vince Melendly at 305-296-1126.