Teen charged with making false report

A 17 year old Marathon resident was arrested Tuesday for falsely reporting that he was kidnapped, beaten and robbed.

George Yeatman told detectives on May 8th that two men abducted him at gunpoint, beat him and robbed him, leaving him unconscious and injured in the area of Sombrero Road. Someone living nearby called the Sheriff’s Office after finding Yeatman in the roadway, dazed and injured. Responding deputies called paramedics and he was transported to the hospital.

During subsequent interviews with detectives, Yeatman identified one of the attackers as a 20 year old Marathon man, who was subsequently arrested for the alleged crime.

Shortly after the arrest, detectives located a Facebook video “live feed” posted at 5:30 p.m. of the day the supposed abduction took place. It showed Yeatman and another unknown man in what they found out was a prearranged “consensual” fight. The fight appears to be where Yeatman’s injuries actually came from.

Several people also came forward, vouching for the whereabouts of the man Yeatman claimed had abducted him. All charges against the man Yeatman said  abducted him were dismissed the same day he was arrested.

Yeatman is now in jail, charged with knowingly giving false information to law enforcement concerning the alleged commission of a crime.