Taddeo Campaign Super PAC Uses a Fake Student, a Fake Quote, and Fake Facts

Yesterday, the Miami Herald said Annette Taddeo was not truthful in her ABC debate. Taddeo told Michael Putney she did not pay for a private investigator to dig up dirt on Joe Garcia [she did].

With only 8 days left before election-day in District 26’s Democratic primary, Taddeo, her Republican strategist and special interest Super PAC has decided to double down on their strategy of telling lies about Joe Garcia.

Women Vote!, a super PAC supporting Annette Taddeo’s campaign for Congress, has sent mailers that feature a stock photo of a student alongside an unattributed quote. Stock photo companies typically don’t prepare accompanying quotes for their photos, so a campaign operative, perhaps Republican, likely penned the quote.

The campaign’s reliance on fictional stories to prop-up false attacks has become more frequent and more desperate as election-day nears. Taddeo claims Garcia raised student interest rates, when in fact Garcia worked successfully with the Obama Administration to pass a new law lowering student loan interest rates. Thousands of South Florida families have benefited from the lower rates, which are now at their 10-year low.

“I guess their campaign couldn’t find any actual South Florida students to falsely attack Joe,” said Javier Hernandez, spokesman for the Garcia Campaign. “Not a surprise, Joe has worked hard to make college affordable for all families.”

The organization responsible for Women Vote! has helped fund misinformation in the past. One of their backed super PACs was strongly criticized by President Obama and the White House for its airing of misleading TV ads in another Democratic Primary, ultimately resulting in the forced removal of those ads. This super PAC’s mailers resemble the Koch brothers’ 2014 attack ads against Garcia for his support of Obamacare. The widely mocked 2014 ads featured an actress telling a fictional story, much like the fictional story presented in the newest Taddeo attack mailer.