Short Answers

By Jeff Johnson and Paula Forman


Dear Short Answers:
A friend bought me an expensive micro-dermabrasion device for my birthday that she saw on TV. I tried it and my whole face broke out in a rash.  My face cleared up by the time I saw my friend next and she asked me if I “loved” my new device.  I didn’t know what to say so I just thanked her again.  Should I tell her the truth or just let this go?
Delicate Skin

Dear Delicate:
If it comes up again, tell the truth. Lies beget lies.


Dear Short Answers:
Now that the government is planning to eliminate all funding to the arts, I have been getting a lot of urgent requests from local arts organizations to donate. I cannot possibly afford to give to all of them.  How do I decide how to allocate the limited funds that I have? Do I give to the big ones that are likely to stay in business?  Or do I give to the small ones who might suffer the most but might also collapse whether or not I donate?  What’s the best policy in your opinion?
Big Heart, Small Bank Account

Dear Big/Small:
This is above our pay grade — but that never stops us! Our philosophy is: #1 — Stay Local. #2 — Do your homework on the organizations you care about.  Are they 501c3 corporations? Do you agree with their mission? Do you know any of the people involved? Have they demonstrated sustainability in the past? Once you’ve answered these questions, the most deserving organizations should rise to the top.


Dear Short Answers:
I have a good friend who, on “moral” grounds, refuses to get on Facebook. He thinks that it is a horrible invasion of privacy. I guess I understand. But to me, that’s a little like refusing to get a telephone. The problem is that he is constantly asking me for updates on all of our friends and he gets really pissed if I forget to tell him about something. Everyone we know posts their news and special events on Facebook so he is completely out of the loop since he refuses to get an account. He keeps telling me that “my good friends will call me if they have something to tell me” — but I know that really isn’t true. I know I can’t force him to get on FB but I’m tired of being his only source of news and information. How do I handle this?
Not the Town Crier

Dear Not:
FB is a community. You can join or not join. You can deliver a short rant on the subject… or an apologia. We agree with you that it is unfair of him to ask you to be the conduit. Tell him he is bound to miss a lot if he chooses not to participate but it is not your job to keep him posted. There are many other vehicles for communicating but it is his job, not yours, to discover what works for him “morally.”

Dear Short Answers:
What is Management?
A Worker
Dear Worker:
Management is the ability to get others to execute your ideas while getting them to own the outcome.

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