Rescue Tails: An FKSPCA Success Story


Executive Director Florida Keys SPCA

Drew came to us in truly sad physical condition. His owner was homeless and unable to care for an older dog who had heartworm and multiple other medical conditions. Even though the owner loved Drew, he realized that living outside in the heat, only made Drew’s health worse.

We offered to keep Drew temporarily while the owner found an apartment. Unfortunately, the owner was unable to find a place to live, so he ultimately surrendered Drew to us.

Given Drew’s medical condition and his age (14), he was a tough candidate for adoption. But for two months, Drew sat quietly in his kennel, enjoying the AC, a soft bed and the attention of anyone who stopped by to say “hello.” Little by little, his condition improved.

And then a miracle happened. Lynn and Bill were looking to adopt a senior dog in need. And that’s exactly what they did. People like Lynn and Bill don’t come along every day – but thank goodness they did that day.

Today, Drew is doing great. His health has dramatically improved and he is coming out of his shell. After years of living on the streets, Drew truly loves the indoors and his new air-conditioned RV. And although he may not know it now, he’s going to spend the summer traveling around the country visiting National Parks.

Drew is one lucky dog. And it brings absolute joy to my heart to realize there are people like Lynn and Bill who understand that even an older dog with health problems deserves a second chance.

If you have room in your heart to give an animal a second chance, please come visit us at the FKSPCA on Stock Island or in Marathon. And if you’d like to help more animals like Drew, please donate to our new shelter building fund by going to