Monroe County’s Adam Ferguson Serves On FACA Panel About FEMA Reimbursements

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – At the recent Florida Association of County Attorneys convention in West Palm Beach, Monroe County’s Floodplain Senior Administrator Adam Ferguson was on a panel with Florida Emergency Management Director Brian Koon and Flagler County Attorney Al Hadeed. The topic: FEMA “reimbursements” for counties and municipalities under the post-disaster Public Assistance Program.

The panel discussed FEMA’s public assistance and recovery programs. The panel also provided some best practices and examples of what local governments should do to best prepare for taking advantage of these programs, should they become needed.

“As an example, the panel discussed the important ramifications of insurance for public infrastructure, both pre- and post-disaster,” Ferguson said.

Before joining the County, Ferguson had worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in several southern states following Hurricane Katrina. He also worked with the State of New Jersey following Superstorm Sandy as a disaster recovery consultant.