Man arrested for flare gun, knife threats

A 47-year-old Marathon man was arrested Friday for threatening another man with a flare gun and a filet knife.

Rodger Doyle Green was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and improper exhibition of a firearm.

Green went to an agency that serves the homeless on the 1600 block of Overseas Highway on Thursday night in reference to an employment opportunity. He had a disagreement with another man there and tried to fight with the man. He eventually left for the night. Green returned Friday morning with a flare gun in one hand and a filet knife in the other. He pointed the flare gun at the man and made threatening statements. The victim was able to retreat inside the building and another person on the property convinced Green to leave the area. There were no reported injuries.

Warrants were issued for Green’s arrest. He was spotted riding his bicycle later Friday evening whereupon he was arrested taken to the Stock Island jail.