Letter to the Editor / THE MOST QUALIFIED

By Roger Kostmayer
Key West is at a crossroads and the public servants we select in November will have a lo ng term impact on our community and on our quality of life.

Many of our neighbors are already rumored to be candidates for mayor or commissioner and because of the number, the experts predict the top 2 candidates for mayor will end up on the November ballot.

KW needs a mayor who believes in an actionable Strategic Plan that addresses such issues as affordable housing, quality health care, transportation, infrastructure, quality of life, our economy and many others.  And it’s important that we have a hard working Mayor with the ability to build consensus among the commissioners to implement those plans that most benefit the entire community.  These requirements tell us that the right candidate at this time must be an experienced and proven public leader, and we believe the local candidate for mayor who best fits this model is  – former Commissioner TERI JOHNSTON.
Teri is a successful entrepreneur and co-owner of Affiliated Design & Construction Managers who serves on the Monroe County Planning Board.  During her 8 years as KW City Commissioner, Teri proved to be a great advocate for her constituents and for Key West.  As President of FIRM (fair insurance rates in Monroe) Teri led the effort to roll back the proposed rate increases, and obtained a four year rate freeze.  Teri also coached our 5 – 11 year olds in the KW Recreational  Softball League.
We hope that you have an opportunity to visit with Teri, who’s quite accessible, so you can reach your own conclusion about this important   decision.
Mary Grusin, Jane Winfrey, Matthew Helmerich, Jean Carper, Evan Corns, Roger Kostmayer
– –  –  and many more.