Letter to the Editor / LISTEN TO POGO

Roger C. Kostmayer

While Russians attack our constitutional democracy from afar (our voting, independent press, American unity and our traditional focus on national security before politics), the sycophantic Congressional Republicans are attacking it from inside Washington.  They are trying to distract, subvert and obstruct investigations of the Russian attacks as they get closer and closer to the Republican White House.  The most sinister Republican tactic is trying to destroy the reputation of, and confidence in, the Department of Justice and the FBI; followed by refusal to allow the minority committee members to release their report that rebuts those allegations.

Recently, the self proclaimed “toughest” President’s way of punishing Russia and Putin for their attacks on our homeland, was to REDUCE our sanctions on them.  Why would that be?

The best description of this type of self imposed crisis was by Pogo, the famous comic strip philosopher who proclaimed: “We’ve met the enemy, and it’s us !”  America and Congressional Republicans are playing into Putin’s hands, and it’s past time for the UNITED States to focus on the clear and present danger both from without and within, and respond in an unequivocal way that stops both attacks, now and in the future.