KWHS counselor aims to help teens



Adolescence is very difficult, especially when teens are exposed to so much in today’s world. Fortunately, there are people who support adolescents every day and help them overcome obstacles, people like Mrs. Tiffany Louchez, a prevention counselor at Key West High School (KWHS).

Part of her job is to speak with teens to help them cope and teach them life skills when stressful situations come their way. “I have a unique position where I can speak to all kids regardless of what their problems may be, because it all falls into my scope of work,” explains Louchez.

Louchez states, “Through Project Success, I go into classes and teach ninth graders how things are changing, about their mindset, what to expect in years to come, and how to cope with them in a healthy way.” Project Success is a program aimed particularly for young students, designed to support them with this often difficult age. “This is a very transitional time period for kids, and I enjoy working with youth.”

Louchez finds helping students through their transitions beneficial for them. “I remember not so long ago, I was a teenager myself. I remember how it felt, and I wish I had more guidance back then.” Louchez points out that she was unaware that there were counselors to speak to regarding her stress and parents’ divorce, but adds, “I turned out just fine, but there are some kids who aren’t able to cope with things as easily.”

The American Psychological Association states that unhealthy behaviors associated with stress may begin manifesting early in people’s lives. Louchez says that she wants to be in the position where she can help students with whatever they might be dealing with, to help them get on a better track in life.

On another note, Louchez also promotes school-wide activities and projects, for example, her current project is an Anti-Bullying Campaign. “I want people to start thinking positively about the little nice things that occur to you in this world, so I work on projects like these to work towards that goal.” She looks forward to promoting more awareness for adolescents and helping them make positive decisions in their lives.

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