Executive Director Florida Keys SPCA

Mango and Flip Flop have found the home that every bunny dreams of!

We originally rescued their mother from an animal hoarding situation and these two girls were born just a few days after their mom moved into the shelter.

They truly thrived at the shelter and everyone adored them.  But as they continued to grow, they became harder to adopt.  At over 12 pounds each with white fur and red eyes, they are definitely in the “not easily adopted” category in the world of rabbits.  So they waited and waited at the shelter – for two years and 12 days!

Finally, their luck changed when Ruby and her family came to the shelter looking for a new companion.  They weren’t sure what would work best for them but didn’t think they wanted a dog or a cat or a hamster.  We introduced them to Mango and Flip Flop and crossed our fingers.

These two bunnies were quite shy and we were not sure how they would do with young children.  We needn’t have worried.  Both bunnies engaged immediately with the children, begging for their attention and even laying next to them.  The family visited several times to make sure that this was the right choice and each time, the rabbits were obviously happy to see them.  The kids were respectful and gentle and the bunnies loved them.

When adoption day came, it was truly a celebration as our two favorite sisters were loaded in their crates to start a new life.  We could not be happier for the entire family!