A week after Irma tore through the Keys, our Animal Control Officer received a call about an abandoned white dog that was emancipated, dehydrated and clearly in distress.

When the owners evacuated, they left Irma behind on a second story porch facing a canal. There were no shutters or boards to shield her from the storm. And when we found her, she was covered with cuts from scratching through the screen door in order to escape the open porch.

Even though the shelter was not back in operation, Irma was brought there by Officer Adam Daytz and cared for (along with other abandoned animals) by the Board Members, staff and volunteers who had stayed in town.

When the owners returned to Key West 20 days later, they claimed that Lorna was too old and not able to get down the stairs. Yet they didn’t even care enough to call someone to help despite the fact that our Emergency Animal Control Phone was in operation throughout the storm. The owner told us, “Lorna is too old, no one will adopt her.”

I completely disagree. Older dogs can make great pets – especially one with as much courage as Lorna. All of us at the FKSPCA are determined to find a great forever home for Lorna.

Today, Lorna is safely with the FKSPCA team with a full belly, a warm snuggly bed and a staff who loves her. No matter what happens, we will continue to be there for animals like Lorna who need our help.

We’ve even entered Lorna in our Annual Parade of Paws on December 9. You can donate to help elect Lorna “Queen” by going to our webpage at I think Lorna deserves it.

I want to thank everyone who has so generously donated their time, hard work and money to saving our animals before, during and after Hurricane Irma. And if you’d like to help us make sure we never have to go through this again, please donate to our new hurricane-resistant shelter building fund by going to