Five arrested in Marathon attack

Five men from Arizona were arrested early Sunday morning for beating up a co-worker, who required staples to his head. He also suffered injuries to his nose and jaw.   

Derek Polk, 37, Jacob Stanley, 31, Justin Mahsill, 26, Benny Cassa Jr., 34, and Curtis Stanley, 30, were all charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm.

Middle Keys Deputy William Daniels was dispatched at 1:56 a.m. to the area of 37th Street in reference to a group of people beating up another person. He arrived to find the five suspects outside a trailer drinking beer. Deputy Daniels asked them what happened to the other male a few trailers away. They said he came over, grabbed one of them in a choke hold and pulled him off the steps for no reason. They provided no further detials.

Deputy Daniels then spoke to the 27-year-old victim. He told Deputy Daniels he approached the defednants to ask if anyone had a lighter and was then beaten up by the defendants. He left and went back to his trailer when the defendants entered through the back door and attacked him again. He stated he wished to press charges and was then taken to Fishermen’s Hospital.

Two witnesses gave the same account of what transpired. A third witness told Deputy Daniels the defendants chased him back to his vehicle and threw chairs at his vehicle when he arrived on scene.

Deputy Daniels observed blood and the defendants’ shoes and clothing.

All five men were taken to the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island.