Deputies stop stolen vehicle, find cocaine

Sheriff’s deputies in Islamorada stopped a stolen vehicle Friday night. They arrested two people after 36 grams of cocaine were recovered from the driver of the car.

Deputies stopped the 2017 Nissan Versa southbound at the 90 mile marker  just before 10 p.m. after running the license tag and finding it was reported stolen out of Key West. After removing the driver and front seat passenger from the vehicle, deputies approached and found a third person hiding on the floorboards in the back seat.

The driver was identified as 22 year old Megan Fedock of Key West. She had no driver’s license. Deputies searched the vehicle, finding a small amount of marijuana inside. They then asked Fedock if she had any contraband on her person. She pulled a green bag out of her pants. Inside the green bag were multiple small bags, some with a white powdery substance inside and others with a green leafy substance inside. The substances tested positive as cocaine and marijuana.

Fedock told Deputy Addison Lapradd the man hiding in the back seat, 40 year old Laquenton Cade of Florida City, had approached she and her boyfriend earlier in the day on Stock Island. He asked them if they wanted to go to Miami for the day, and they agreed to go. She said he asked her to drive on the way back because he was tired. She said when they were being pulled over, Cade told her to hide the bag of drugs in her pants.

Cade denied knowing anything about the stolen vehicle or the drugs. Two cigars stuffed with marijuana were found in the back seat with Cade. He was placed under arrest and charged with possessing marijuana. As he was being arrested, he lay down on the ground and refused orders to get into a patrol car for transport to jail. Deputies eventually got him into the vehicle for transport.

Fedock was arrested and charged with grand theft auto, trafficking in cocaine, possession of marijuana, and driving without a license.

The third person in the vehicle, identified as 45 year old Cory Baker of Miami, was not arrested and was released at the scene.