Calling all Captains and Crew Industry Day at Schooner Wharf Bar

The Captain School Key West with Captain Mark Woods and Captain Kimi Teal Woods invite recreational boaters and licensed captains to join them for Industry Day on Tuesday, March 28th from 8:00 – 9:30 pm.  The open forum will be held in the Sail Loft at Schooner Wharf Bar, the center of maritime activities in Key West

The program will include representatives from USCG, Tow Boat, Captain School Key West and other industry members. The hot topic issues to be addressed are USCG requirements for travel to foreign ports, learn about STCW and information on how to handle emergencies in foreign ports. There will also be the latest and greatest modern safety equipment for open travel on display with demonstrations.

The forum is open to the public and Schooner Wharf Bar is offering Happy Hour prices for those in attendance.  For more information please visit CaptainSchoolKeyWest or call 305-481-6981.