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Sylvia Bogart

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Aries: You were so sure of what you wanted to accomplish, who has turned your head around, and made a mockery of your dreams? To what purpose? Do you know, or is everything going up in smoke?

Taurus: Something is missing, you wonder if they are trying to pay you off, it is all about ownership and control. What are you trying to build with someone else? Is it a bunch of vultures flocking to “pick the bones” with no real unity?

Gemini: Coordinator, idea person, “Let’s talk about it over a cup of coffee” kind of thing, smoothing out the feathers, and laughing about it together on a long drive around the neighborhood kind of thing. This is what you do best.

Cancer: Where is the familiarity of “Home” the security of knowing that no matter what the world dishes out, there is a light on somewhere, somebody waiting that cares about you, worries about you, their arms are waiting to enfold you.

Leo: You can “see” your vision and you would love to share it. Can you explain it without shoving it down everyone’s throats in the process? Perhaps in your enthusiasm you are choking the life out of your creations? Deep Breath.

Virgo: You are being verbally abused, and lied to. You have been here before, are you really going to buy into this “it’s for your own good” creating a distraction, program again? Time to accept the truth. What are they hiding?

Libra: For someone with so much potential you are making your power very small. Who or what is it that is dissolving it all, using your resources as their own calling card, and destroying your future in the process?

Scorpio: Where is the glue that holds the family unit together, the sense of belonging, mutual planning, stability in a crisis, “I got your back” “I’m one phone call away” and mean it kind of thing? Where are you? Find Home.

Sagittarius: Why is it that you think everyone else in the world is more deserving of all the goodies than you? Why do you keep yourself from having your bliss? Santa’s secret? “He always had a full bag of toys”.

Capricorn: Well, you were looking for a challenge, you have certainly found one you can get your teeth into. How many heads, must roll before this age-old vendetta is finished? What is to be gained? Are you being played?

Aquarius: Look everyone directly in the eyes before you place your bet. You are not the only one here who is “playing the game” the stakes are the only thing with a different agenda. It can get ugly. Clear the air first.

Pisces: Listen to your heart. Consult your head. Believe in your dreams. Heal yourself. People must grow together, or they fall apart. If you are not on the same path your destination can never be the same. Accept this, learn from it.