Astrologically Yours

Aries: Thoughts bombard you, opportunity knocks. Will you answer? Based on your experience, dreams can become reality. Keep the ball in your own court. Do not mix business and pleasure. Learn from your mistakes, hold steady, or fold, and move on.

Taurus: Why, What, Where, How, Whom? You need to have structure, and stability, with personal, jointly held resources. There are legalities, and contracts, that must be taken into consideration, with the expansion of a business, or working partnership, with significant others.

Gemini: Don’t allow emotional frustration, within a situation, to get the best of you. If you do, heads will roll, possibly yours. You have a caustic tongue when provoked, and yes, you do know how to unroll it like a whip.

Cancer: Make sure to dot the I’s and cross the T’s, verbally, or on paper, when negotiating with potential business partners, of any kind. Take a moment, to clear your mind, and regain your equilibrium, before returning to the fray.

Leo: Travel is great! It could be lighter, if you weren’t dragging around all that extra “luggage”. Perhaps, you should take a break from all that “togetherness” and do something special all by yourself? Come back smiling and relaxed. Got it?

Virgo: Why is every single, little, thing, you do, centered around what somebody else needs? Then you go hide in the “cave” and lick your wounds, crying and feeling sorry for yourself? Give it a break. Make better choices. Wake up!

Libra: If it’s not love, it ought to be. That is plain, isn’t it? Enjoying it all, arms wide open, that is what it’s all about, no need for the sidelines now. Get ready for the ride of your life. Congratulations!

Scorpio: Why is it that every time you try to have a conversation with someone you wind up feeling drawn and quartered somehow, and seething at the bit? Take a good look in the mirror. Know the truth when it “speaks”.

Sagittarius: Your creations are getting ready to bear fruit in the very best possible ways. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by a loved one, or partner. Action is required of you. Get out and mingle, there’s nothing in the closet.

Capricorn: New House, new business, new love; these are your wishes. What’s stopping you? Time to make some well thought out choices. If you “know” what you want, you know how to get it. Go for the gold. It is time.

Aquarius: You have gotten over the hump, momentum has been regained, moving forward, new plans, brand new game. Moving forward into the future. Pay attention to the details before you sign on the dotted line. Legalities can muck you up.

Pisces: Making money doing something you love, is like “free” money in the bank. Communications overall, are wide open, the planning and structuring of a pet project is the name of game. Moving forward, do the research.