Astrologically Yours

by Sylvia Bogart 305-731-6280

Aries: Be very aware of your thoughts, they can be “sheer genius” it is far better to “think it out” than to “spit it out”. In more ways than one, your ideals are ahead of their time.

Taurus: “Use it or lose it.” you must personally protect your “brain children” by giving them a real “coming out party” with all the bells and whistles, including the paperwork of legal documentation. Smile all the way to the bank.

Gemini: Do not allow your enthusiasm to overrule your better judgement. Slow and easy. Well thought out and executed plans, beat impulsive, overly emotional desires, with no backing, every time. Is it a one-shot pony, or the real deal? Your choice.

Cancer: Sometimes things cannot be talked about, fixed, compromised on, or patched up. Hard choices must be made, things must be accepted, goodbyes said. Endings area always tough. Be good to you. Cherish the memories, they are yours to keep, always.

Leo: Strange thoughts, dreams, journey’s, can make you feel as if you have crossed some invisible line, that no one else seems to know about. Messages can come to you that are shocking. Listen carefully. Some are real, follow them.

Virgo: Sometimes when we get what we want, it turns out not to be worth the price you paid for it. Your options are still open, you can always just say “No”. Do you know the truth when you hear it?

Libra: Love is in the air, or should I say, electrically sizzling attraction? There is that. Good time to go on a cruise. Take a trip. Indulge the senses. At the very least plan one, while playing out your fantasy.

Scorpio: It must be tough wandering through life with that Bullseye painted on your backside. Planning “IS” the name of the game. Patience “IS” next. Success is almost yours. Just don’t lose your temper and shoot yourself in the foot.

Sagittarius: Somebody lie to you, sell you the “Brooklyn Bridge” for a song? Now you find out, you’ve been taken for a ride, all along? Don’t cry in your drink, it’ll melt the ice. Count your blessings. Nobody’s shot you yet.

Capricorn: Your house is filled with memories of how it “used” to be, your mind full of cobwebs, dying to be free. Your heart longs for a partner, to lighten your load, your dreams are a stream, of never endings roads.

Aquarius: Do you just mess with people’s minds, to see how far you can go? You do know, that once you start, you can’t stop, and like a carousel, it spins round and round, as you become the clown.

Pisces: Unfortunately, the details are a part of life. The sooner you take responsibility for those pesky little things, the faster you can get back to doing what you really like; Messing with people’s minds, and stirring up trouble. You know?