Astrologically Yours

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Aries: If you feel restless and confused, put off making important decisions, or taking any kind of actions, that could have long term effects, to another time. Take a day off from the grind to unwind, and clear your frazzled mind.

Taurus: If you can’t afford to lose, don’t gamble against the odds on a whim. Calculated risks are a “horse” of a different color, any action should be on the up and up. Research first, get the stats, then act accordingly.

Gemini: Don’t lend money out that you don’t have to spare, chances are very good that if you do, you will live to regret it. Promises and handshakes cannot go to the bank, a smile does not a contract make.

Cancer: Don’t just dream about “getting away from it all” do it! All work and no play, makes Jack and Jill dull boys, and girls. Live a little, you deserve it. Work hard, play hard, love well, balance achieved. Smile pretty.

Leo: Beginnings and endings are a part of life. You may find yourself saying goodbye to a loved one. Take your time, allow yourself to adjust slowly to your loss. Savor the memories. Reinforce your boundaries, if you need to.

Virgo: There is a huge amount of responsibility that goes along with making your dreams come true. Most people never get past the planning phase. You do. You don’t have to carry passengers, if you don’t want to. Know your limits.

Libra: You can talk about it all you want to, however, unless you are serious, about taking the action needed, to start the process, nothing is going to happen. Take that step now. Stop procrastinating, or just let it go.

Scorpio: Try your best to rise above the tedious fractions, in day to day squabbling that would drag you down, destroying your optimistic, blissful, faith in transformative renewal. Leave the gloom and doom tactics to the gutter rats.

Sagittarius: Confusion can be better utilized as optimism. Don’t try to force the issue at hand, instead, where possible, allow it to play itself out until you experience a moment of pure clarity. Move on this knowledge immediately.

Capricorn: Don’t block your future with reiteration of past issues, work hard to understand your motivations. What are you trying to hold onto so desperately that is already dead and buried? If you act impulsively, you’ll live to regret it later.

Aquarius: Don’t let the emotional factor and your financial situation get wrapped up with each other to the point of no return. Love has no place in clear and concise decisions for the future. Clarity is needed here. Just do it.

Pisces: What are you running to or from? Make sure you take care of your personal baggage, and cover all the bases of jointly held interests. Get closure on what is important to you financially. Do not leave anything to chance.