Astrologically Yours

Aries: Let go of the things you cannot control. Let them grow on their own for now. Be proud of your accomplishments, and your part in the process. Concentrate your energies on planning the next best steps to your success.

Taurus: Surrender the things of the past to the past, build on the firm foundation of your future. Take the actions needed to restructure and finance through careful planning. Get professional advice if it is needed to do this.

Gemini: At last you have freed yourself from the shackles of the ordinary life that you never wanted, and you are enjoying yourself fully and completely. Friends are balm for the creative soul. Don’t look back. Take it easy on yourself.

Cancer: Happiness is yours, open-up your heart. “Let the Sun shine in” your world is exactly as you planned it. Relax, you worry too much about other people. Happiness is an inside job. You cannot give that to them.

Leo: Life’s too short to allow yourself to be ruled by other people’s expectations, or power plays. No one has power over you unless you allow it. Do not spare one detailed nuance of the pleasure you fully deserve to have.

Virgo: You are not a pack horse. Why are you carrying around that excess baggage? Get rid of it! There are Salvation Army’s everywhere. Reinforce your personal boundaries. You are not the United Way or the Red Cross either. Get real!

Libra: You have taken affirmative actions, and planned, worked hard to make your dreams a reality. Do not second guess yourself. Rest on your laurel’s for now. Success and love are on their way. Stand your ground. Don’t look back.

Scorpio: You have the ingredients for the full life you have always wanted, unfortunately, they seem to be scattered, and out of order. You cannot manifest your full potential into the world by hiding your creative brain children under a bushel.

Sagittarius: “A new broom sweeps good.” You must love who you are, so that you can “share” yourself with significant other’s. Otherwise, it’s just another quick fix jump, out of the cauldron, and into the fire metaphorically.

Capricorn: If you can’t find a good reason for your actions, you may be confused and frustrated. You are being unreasonable. The only life you have control over is your own. Other people are only here for a season, love them.

Aquarius: It’s all in the details. Responsibilities are a very real part of life. The Key is in deciding what you will keep or let go of. You can’t move forward with a ball and chain around your ankle. Your choice.

Pisces: “Ain’t love grand?” Add some passionate active fever, a devil may care attitude, and you can ride off into the sunset footloose, and fancy free. It is these moments of abandon that clear the cobwebs from our minds.