Astrologically Yours

By Sylvia Bogart

Aries: That dream you have may involve a partnership, consider your options, seriously. Perhaps it is better to be involved with others in a common enterprise. You’ve tried being an island; How’s that working for you?

Taurus: Jointly held resources clash at the fundamental level; “Who pays for what? Who is responsible?” It is important that you take care of this before everything gets out of hand. Do not ignore the obvious, it will not just go away.

Gemini: Going back over the details can bring up some – ahem – interesting circumstances, in a personal-business agreement, especially if you did not pay attention to the fine print in the first place. There may be problems with authority figures.

Cancer: Well, you’re finally free. Everything you ever wanted, the skies the limit. Please do not allow guilt to cause an illness that will bring you down. Get out of the house and go somewhere, right now! Live-Love-Laugh.

Leo: “If you’re safe and warm in a pile of shit, perhaps you should stay there?” On the other hand, if you are drowning in it, maybe you should call a plumber? Get real one way or another. Movement is necessary.

Virgo: “Love” is a grounding stone, it can heal you if you let it. Go on, cry. That means you’re healing. Do not allow anyone to bully you. Your life, your choice, you create it, it is yours to share, or not.

Libra: What do you love to do? What do you dream about? Make a list. You can have anything that you want, but first you must “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what that is. Everything begins in the mind.

Scorpio: Self-Reflection and introspection is the rule. Your material world demands your attention, especially if you have been living on cruise control, without any personal goals of your own. Restructure; Keep only the things that are “REAL” to you.

Sagittarius: Reconsider your options, maybe actually putting down roots where you are, is not such a bad thing. If does require a personal commitment of time and effort. Focus on what you are trying to build, get involved, watch it grow.

Capricorn: Allow yourself and your extended family members “Room to grow” in whatever direction feels right, even if it means saying goodbye to a way of life that has become comfortable and safe. Nothing lasts forever, some things just a season.

Aquarius: There is an unavoidable clash, as an immovable object is hit by an unstoppable influence, forcing you to take stock and make decisions about what is important to you. Where do you see yourself happiest and most productive?

Pisces: There are many lessons to learned about how far you should allow the influence of the outer world to guide or control your actions, thoughts, and interactions, with others. Who has control over you? You do. What do you want?

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