Astrologically Yours

Sylvia Bogart

Aries: If you are serious about giving someone or something a second chance, or getting out of an existing partnership, weigh the pros and cons, ask questions. Your freedom is important to you, and this would be a long-term commitment.

Taurus: Actions speak louder than misery. If you want to be acknowledged for the work you do, now is the time. Stand up and take a bow. Words have power, use them. Your trust has been violated one time too many.

Gemini: Serious partnerships can develop between friends. It is a time for new beginnings. Old relationships end, remember the things you shared and part amicably perhaps still friends. Passion is in the air, so is love.

Cancer: You can never go back to the way it was. Don’t be tempted to re-engage. Question yourself. What is different this time around? Have amends been made for the casualties of the past? Happily, ever after is a fairy tale.

Leo: You have earned your place in the spotlight, enjoy, remember to give something back, however, not out of proportion. Help people to help themselves, not become dependents. “Teach a person to fish and you feed them for life.”

Virgo: You hold the keys to the Kingdom. Who will you allow in? Remember, the inner circle is always filled with love. No malice, or manipulation should be welcomed there. Transform and rebuild, expand the dream. Live it your way.

Libra: Creative conflict. An old Love may reappear, a new one begin. Your need to be with someone is an expression of how you share yourself with others. You may be compelled to end a partnership that is draining you.

Scorpio: It is important that you know your limitations. Pay attention to the details on every level. Do not over extend yourself in any way. If you do this, success can be yours. It is all about your awareness and timing.

Sagittarius: You become the change you wish to see, in doing this you’re able to lead others. You think and express ideas in a careful, logical way, that is fresh, original, patient, and impressively clear. You are building the future.

Capricorn: Know yourself before you seek to control the world. Review what you have accomplished over the last twelve years. That will give you the insight into where, what, and how, you should proceed. Get playfully, competitive, and physically involved.

Aquarius: “Secret enemies” cannot work against you openly, by avoiding the obvious you have created a situation which gives them control over you. It is your life, refuse to be psychologically manipulated. Confront yourself, embrace who and what you are now.

Pisces: Reflecting on your life, searching for the peaceful, calm, center, you have empathy for others, having been where they are, intuitively, understanding comes. Weave you values and share them with those who are real. Guard your personal space, actively, and creatively.