Astrologically Yours

Aries: Don’t try to force your ideals down other people’s throats. Your purpose is to show them the way. Let it be their decision whether they wish to follow your advice or not. Guide them, don’t shove them in the gate.

Taurus: Hopefully this is the last time you’ll get burned, having learned not to get involved in “risky business” when you know better. Work it off. Let them go. Move on into the future, sadder but possibly wiser? Most definitely safer.

Gemini: Group situations are a “beehive” of activity, and continually changing gossip about jointly held resources, possibly in the hands of incompetent “grown up children” the energies can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Scary, exciting, and mind blowing, experiences.

Cancer: Intimate relationships reach a peak. Have you gone too far? Are legal advisors the only answer? It depends upon how controlling you or your partner have tried to be, either way, the piper must be paid.

Leo: Your imagination has been running away with you. Put a zipper on it, and put your energies into some creative work. Go for a physical outlet before you open a can of worms you can’t close.

Virgo: Change is inevitable. You cannot run or hide. Welcome to your evolutional, revolution. Slow and easy now, passion is great, can it stand the test of time? Concentrate on your own objectives. Create, expand, and grow, personally.

Libra: What exactly are you trying to transform or rebuild? Is the structure sound? Who is going to help you do it? Are they all talk and no action, or are they ready to put their money where their mouth is?

Scorpio: There is a powerful need to work with others rebuilding the community, or the family unit. However, you’ve been burnt before, think long and hard before you dive in and make a commitment.

Sagittarius: What is important to you right now? If you work hard, and stay focused, and stick to the plan, you can make that happen now. All it takes is willpower and determination.

Capricorn: No matter what you think, you do not know what is right for every single person that you know. You might try listening for a change. You could be surprised by what you hear. It is not all about you.

Aquarius: Hard life lessons about money and possessions. You might want to come down “off your cloud” for a moment, and pay attention to this. It does concern you, and your future. It is all about the science of the thing.

Pisces: Powerful emotions can be dangerously overwhelming. Sometimes the best thing to do is step back and observe from a detached perspective, before taking actions that you might regret long term, even if that means calling “time out” to do it.