Astrologically Yours

Aries: Time to take down the barrier walls, get serious about what you really want, if you’re ever going to. What about those dreams? Be honest with yourself. Exactly what is it that you really want to do?

Taurus: Done. Cutting to the core of yourself you will give only what is necessary. You are not going to be amicable or kind about this, nor should you be, after all it is your life. Breathing is a necessity.

Gemini: You will not allow anyone to dominate, control, manipulate, nor threaten you, in any way, financially, emotionally, nor verbally. You will retaliate in whatever way necessary and it will be final.

Cancer: Communications are not rational, you may feel as if you are at the whim of a very over bearing martyr, or in the worst case synario, an angry, brutal, vindictive, control freak.

Leo: You may feel threatened at the very heart of what you value, you will not be in any way understanding of this position. This leaves no room for tenderness or diplomacy. It is better to cut your losses and just walk away.

Virgo: Duplicity will not get you anywhere. It is time to bite the bullet and come clean on all levels, if not now, when? Why are you playing a game where there can be no winners? If you are not real, how can you expect others to be?

Libra: In a position where your back is up against the wall the only thing that is usually available is the one of the observer. What do you see in front of you now? If you do not change your direction, what do you think will happen next?

Scorpio: You are either going to live the dreams of yesterday or let them go. The choice is yours alone as to where you put your very limited energies. Time and action are of the utmost importance. What are you waiting for?

Sagittarius: Why do you continue to wallow in the mud and expect to smell anything except pigs? Perhaps it is time you picked yourself up by your own bootstraps and moved forward?

Capricorn: The story creates itself through the words of the telling. It is but a metaphor of what everyone is pedaling. We do not live in the past. Instead, we live on a multi-dimensional plain.

Aquarius: The architect within you says; “I appreciate this beautiful work of art and the Ideal master plan that has created it.” Now, you will utilize what is feasible on this dimension into the physical world of the now.

Pisces: Once something is done, or said, to someone, you cannot take it back, or unsay it. This is also the prime issue behind many creative blocks, and commitments on every level. One cannot go backwards.