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Aries: Discouraged, physical energies may not be up to coping with base misunderstandings, causing stress to the body. Do you know what you’re missing, and why? It’s time to open up and be real. Who are you? What do you want?

Taurus: Don’t be afraid to show your true self in your actions and words. This is jeach other on an intimate level. Grow together or dive apart.

Gemini: So, this is the “real deal” relationship? Solid as a rock. Exciting, passionate, tender, romantic, and oh, those wild, crazy, experiences, keeping you at just the right level of “off balance”. Why is it, that you never get clear communications?

Cancer: “Gonna hire a wino to decorate our home” Do you feel as if there is that “swinging door” effect here? Time to set some boundaries, put your foot down, unless you like being driven, manipulated, and told what to do.

Leo: Maybe do a long meditation on exactly what the words commitment, stability, and financial security actually mean, as well as what their separate meanings are. They are not in the least bit romantic, they are, however, longer lasting satisfaction long-term.

Virgo: Sometimes awareness is needed in order to understand that you leave finally found your desired niche in the world. Take a look around you, feel the loving support and gratification from people who matter, you just may find that you have arrived. Hugs.

Libra: Reflection, suspicion, control mechanisms, fear, funny how that works. What is it about yourself that keeps you trying to escape by blaming the realizations on the power plays, while blatantly ignoring your own? Why not be honest, speak your truth?

Scorpio: So, you got your wish. Footloose and fancy free, no obligations, miles away from the old “grind” and you never have to return. Now, what’s wrong? Shadow boxing with yourself again? I see. Create what you really love instead.

Sagittarius: After this month of playing the “jack of all trades” fall guy routine, you could really use a little R&R, so what are you waiting for? Permission? Come on now, playtime is not something on a schedule; Be spontaneous, invite a friend.

Capricorn: Everything has its season, healing comes in odd and perhaps deceptive ways. Listen with your heart, if the words do not ring true. Your mission, stabilization of the creative base. Powerful, analytical, discussions, legalities, you are in your element. Smile.

Aquarius: Just because you hesitate does not mean you do not have a plan, comparative odds, nostalgia, and yes, some regret about what could have been. Harvest what you “know” forget about the rest, you gave it your best, move forward.

Pisces: “A little body may harbor a great Soul.” Pay attention to the details, answers come, follow intuitions, specifically if it is financial freedom you seek. Awareness is necessary, clarity deceptive.