Astrologically Yours

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Aries: You have all the opportunities in the world staring you in the face, options to pick and choose. The sky is the limit, interesting things and people, believe in yourself, get out of that mental rut you’ve put yourself into. Be Real.

Taurus: You do what you do spontaneously, for the pure joy and entertainment of expressing what you love, and sharing it. Travel inspires you, and you are sensitive enough to know what others need, or want, to have a good time.

Gemini: “You don’t always get what you want” and sometimes it is to your benefit that you don’t. Get your EGO out of the way, long enough to see the forest for the trees. You have been given a reprieve. Relax.

Cancer: You are in a balanced position to evaluate cause and effect, of relationships with others, and make positive, rational, decisions, about what steps to take next. Intuition, addiction, escapism, love or illusion, within possible commitments, weigh heavily upon your mind.

Leo: What are you so afraid of? If your mind started pointing fingers, better go look in the mirror at all those obvious perpetrators, staring back at you. You have the ball, call the shots, make the choices, all about you.

Virgo: You are like a pack-horse, over-loaded with commitments, you have accepted as your own, they do not belong to you. Time to drop them off where they’re addressed to. It ain’t you Babe! Take responsibility for what belongs to you.

Libra: If you have something to say, stop dancing around the issues and just spit it out. Clear the air. Heal or kill the problem. It is that easy. You are sitting on a powder keg holding lighted matches, What’s the point?

Scorpio: “If you keep on doing what you been doing, you’re going to keep on getting what you been getting.” Time for a real change. “Be the key.” What is it that “you” really want to do and be? Do that.

Sagittarius: Where did you get the idea that you were going to be recognized for what you know and do, and be rewarded accordingly? You volunteered. The assumption was that it’s free. Negotiation happens before you invest your time and effort.

Capricorn: Sometimes the truth must be repeated several times, before anyone gets it, even when the message is clear. When you “hint” or “dance” around the issues, expect Chaos to rule. Instructions come with loaded guns, and power tools, always.

Aquarius: “So, you said what? Then all hell broke loose? Now you’re the control freak, that caused it all?” Square your shoulders, and carry on. You just won your first match, run with it. Don’t look back. Never surrender, or explain.

Pisces: “I do five jobs for less than the price of one, and I still can’t seem to get ahead.” Stop. Why are you doing that? You do have a mind and the ability to speak and walk, right? Utilize them.