Astrologically Yours

For appointments;

Aries: Initiating conversations that are completely self-involved, all of the time, can become boring to others. No matter what you think, you don’t “know” what is best for everyone. Don’t read into an encounter more than there is.

Taurus: You may feel as if there are a gazillion ideas battling to be heard from inside your head, and not one person to talk to, or understand them. Write them down, clear your head. Waiting “IS” a part of everything.

Gemini: Being bored is not easy. Find something to do, that engages “ALL” of your senses, and do it. Repetitively, until your mind stops spinning. That’s where rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time comes from.

Cancer: Don’t allow your emotions to get the better of you. Instead, concentrate on doing the next best thing, and do it. Rest when you need to. It takes time to accept and climatize one’s self to change, meet the challenge.

Leo: “All work and no play” sometimes it is necessary when one has made a commitment, and no one else is holding up their end of the bargain, to go the full distance. Slow, easy, and steady, you’ll get through this.

Virgo: Many power struggles with your children, as you both try to change each other. Let go. Force is not the answer. Love is. It may be time to say goodbye to a long-term relationship that has run its course.

Libra: Maybe you need a vacation from a partnership that has done nothing except set your teeth on edge for some time. Get involved in doing some good for the neighborhood, physically and mentally, is best. Go alone, meet new people.

Scorpio: You might consider the power of the written word, over the personally verbalized one, or even the video-taped or recorded messages. The power of what you say can and does scare people. You are the Messenger, not the enforcer, right?

Sagittarius: Looking at life realistically, you patiently do what needs to be done, coping as best you can carefully. Your goals become clearly defined in your own mind. You know exactly what you want. You are learning how to get it.

Capricorn: Your past actions may cause controversy, and confrontations, forcing you to deal with changing circumstances. This may concern jointly held resources, property, inheritances, insurance claims, power struggles, or disagreements, over how to utilize monies held in escrow, partnerships with others.

Aquarius: Hopes and wishes may come under scrutiny. Others may want you to become more involved as a part of the group, rather than independent. Cooperation is demanded. It is your choice. Inclusiveness, being a part of the team.

Pisces: “What dreams may come”. Chameleon; presenting multi-faceted, varieties of being-ness to the world. You must “know yourself” on your own terms, or risk losing yourself, on anyone else’s. You cannot base who and what you are on someone else.