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Sylvia Bogart

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Aries: You have done everything right, don’t get emotionally erratic and blow up your dreams before they’ve had the chance to blossom. Take your irritation out on a punching bag or something else of a physical nature. Time must have its way.

Taurus: “If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme” put a little action behind what you would like to materialize and this could be a time of celebration for a job well done. Good luck follows.

Gemini: Friends you have not seen in a long time may just drop in for a visit. Have a great time but do try not to go overboard. Stay within your budget. There will be other days. Use your imagination.

Cancer: Waiting is the hardest thing. It will do no good to worry about delays. You have done everything you were supposed to do. Now, you must have faith in the people who take your project to the next level.

Leo: Why must you obsess on every little thing so much? Everything is not specifically and personally directed at you. Sometimes when things happen, that is all there is to it. Give your nervous system a break. Chill out! It’s only life.

Virgo: You know what you want so why do you procrastinate? Is it because you would rather someone else made the decisions for you? One of those old- fashioned movie sets where you are forced to create an act of lust or passion?

Libra: You can’t blame anyone if you live on a roller coaster ride. It is of your own design, right down to the self-created brakes. What else could get you out so quickly without a hair out of place.

Scorpio: If you utilize your creative imagination and follow through on your dreams by creating the products of them, and manifesting these works of art to the world, you will never have another problem with having nothing to do, or being bored.

Sagittarius: Deep breath, hold on just another few months, then your efforts will take you up over the top. It is up to you and your actions, your personal ethics, your physical participation if you sink or swim though. Life works.

Capricorn: Just when you think you have all of your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed along comes the next little problem needing just a little bit of your undivided attention. Stay focused. This is going to be worth the effort.

Aquarius: How many drama Queens are there in the world? You feel as if you’ve net the whole chorus line. Well, one thing about it, you certainly are not living one of those ho-hum existences. I hope you keeping notes.

Pisces: Success smells so sweet, doesn’t it? Keep that bow straight, you’re not out of the rapids yet. There’s just about enough time to decide what is really important to you before you reach the end and go over the falls.