Astrologically Yours

Aries: The mind is popping overtime with insights, you should slow down long enough to pay attention to their significance, and act upon their cutting edge for success. Pay no attention to the distractions. What is your main initiative or purpose.

Taurus: Agree to disagree, until you listen and really “hear” how serious people can be, about what “seems” to be nothing, making mountains out of molehills, “Is” the Ego’s best work, undermining the Spirit, creating drama, and getting attention for itself.

Gemini: Word games. Everything begins and ends with them. Are they really games? “Listen to the children while they play” whole worlds have been built and conquered on their significance. How important is it to be clear? Monumental, distortion is lethal.

Cancer: You need some space, perhaps it is time you set boundaries and enforced them? Stress is the #1 killer in this “so called” civilized world. It is cured by being able to totally relax in your intimate moments. Can you?

Leo: “Do you really need to say that now?” Perhaps, stepping back from a situation can give you a bit more clarity and reason. You will be taken seriously. It will be hard to fix once it is broken. Walk away.

Virgo: Where is your major concentration? What do you love the most? Where is your obsession? Get a good grip on what “you” are trying to accomplish, leave the rest alone. Spreading yourself too thin may be your biggest problem.

Libra: Travel if you can physically, if not nostalgic walks down memory lane are great. Insight into the things that you need to do can be brought to your attention by a new friend, or something you read, good communications.

Scorpio: “Careful of your words” There are people who can and will take them to the “bank” and “foreclose” on them, while you pay the piper for their good fortune. Make very sure that it is a win/win situation.

Sagittarius: It looks like you’d better have some serious ammunition if you expect that “wild card” you have up your sleeve to work, be prepared to do some of your finest manipulative negotiations. Give it all you’ve got to seal the deal.

Capricorn: Bull dozers don’t work when timing is the main ingredient needed. Stow your impatience, find a gym, a punching bag, some good hard work, and just do it. Take your attention out of the equation, and focus it elsewhere.

Aquarius: A good time for a vacation, while temperatures are soaring, remain cool and calm, somewhere else. Take yourself out of the confusion of someone else’s drama. Do not engage if it doesn’t concern you. No, you cannot make it better.

Pisces: Love is not about being pressured into doing anything that you have reservations about. Power plays, or proof of how you feel, are not needed when it’s real. Don’t even go there. Turn the tables on them, call their bluff.