Astrologically Yours

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Aries: There is much activity involved in firming your base, including your business, and your home. Make a commitment to empowering yourself, by following through on all details. They do matter. In fact, they are the brick and mortar of the foundation.

Taurus: Visiting, talking, interacting, writing, short trips, personal enjoyment, and interaction within your community, can be a great source of comfort, and information that could transform your world. You are living and loving the “Vida Loca” hopefully, not doing it alone.

Gemini: Practice what you preach, speak your truth, keep your commitments, honor them, even in the middle of chaos. It does not have to be hard. Maintain the active flow. You must let your hair down, laughter is good soul food.

Cancer: Roll with it. There are just a few things that need to be said to certain people, and then the door on them can be locked and cemented over forever. Take a trip somewhere you have always dreamed about going.

Leo: Follow that dream wherever it leads you, healing is way overdue. Time to give yourself the loving attention you need. Take positive actions, and allow the past to fade to black. Do only that which fulfills, strengthens, and ultimately, empowers you.

Virgo: Trust has nothing to with anyone except you. If you worry about the whole world, trust is the issue. I know that you are afraid. Does worry fix that? Try to fall in love with that one in the mirror first.

Libra: Instant gratification does not work. Frustrated energies that want, what they want, right now, can destroy you, and everything you have worked so hard to build and create. Slow and easy, firm the base, build the future, firmly and consciously.

Scorpio: It takes complete focus, determination, and love, to overcome the constant bombardment of naysayers in the world. Don’t lose sight of your objectives, no matter how hurtful, or personal, the slurs are, or, how close to your heart their arrows.

Sagittarius: “Open mouth, insert foot” get angry with yourself for giving too much away, having nothing to show for it. Love was the objective. Sometimes you must ask people what they want, assume nothing, before the fact, sharing is two-sided.

Capricorn: You did ask for volunteers, right? Call out, “Everybody on board?” Well, you have a whole lot of “people” potential going on here. Why are you carrying the full load? If something, or someone, isn’t working, delegate, or say goodbye.

Aquarius: Getting angry and splitting hairs doesn’t change a thing, only positive action does that. What do you really want to do? What’s stopping you? What happens if you follow your dreams? No time like the present to find out, right?

Pisces: When you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s good to be able to go inside your “cave” and close the shades on the world outside. If it’s not your problem, don’t get involved, you will wind up being the “bad guy” every time.