Astrologically Yours

Aries: Firm the foundation. Love what you do. Go with your gut instincts. Think before you act it out. Don’t go in blind, have a plan, stick to the plan. Creative balance, don’t worry about the outcome, partnerships matter.

Taurus: Feel the love around you. Act on the dream. You have known for a long time what you really wanted, now immerse yourself in the reality of being able to completely embrace that power. Make a commitment to achieve it.

Gemini: Careful of allowing your mental pictures to escape into too many “word weapons” you can and do breathe life, and action into things. Sometimes these are better left inanimate, and uncharged. Think before you speak. Listen to what you create.

Cancer: Nostalgia, like a warm bath, or a walk down the memory lane of a Kodak moment, create powerful actions, that can set the Spirit afire, the body to act upon the dreams of yesterday. Remember the chocolate and the tissue.

Leo: Action is demanded, time to cut to the chase, get down to your personal business. Let the chips fall where they may, on any, and all, who have stepped once too often, over the line. Close the door. Walk away.

Virgo: You can have anything that you want, as long, as you know, exactly what that is. If you don’t, you will serve yourself, upon a Smorgas-board of options, to all, for consumption. You must embrace your own power. Believe.

Libra: Jointly held resources can become power struggles, where love and hate are interchangeable, and passion turns into violent confrontations, for control and ownership. Detachment is better. You will get no satisfaction, with someone who believes, they’ve been deceived, or used.

Scorpio: Know your passion. Lead the fun. Teach and guide, share what you know, personally and professionally, to the best of your ability. Combined energy, is more powerful, when channeled by the group mind’s dedication. Success is evident where all is understood.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, you must take a time out, and go and do something to soothe the Soul. Forget about the details. Relax the body, empty the mind. You can hold a position for only so long, before it breaks the Spirit.

Capricorn: You have become set in your ways. Routine has become your Master. Wake up! Change is the only thing that is permanent, and you must move with it, or drown, in the undertow of progress. Redefine Reality. What is reliable?

Aquarius: You are the change within yourself. You work to create a solid foundation, along your base. Ethical, hard-working, enthusiastic, superior’s notice your diligence, expect acknowledgement. Don’t throw in the towel yet. This is a learning process. Be patient, adjust.

Pisces: Your physical body is what the world as you know it, revolves around. It is, electro-magnetic. What you think, say, do, feel, want, is matter. Without direction, it is chaos. Let go of the non-essential, build from reality.