Astrologically Yours

Aries: You can see the full potential of what you have been working toward coming together, finally. A lucrative partnership may be in the foundational structure, follow this insight, build upon what you know, and make it happen. You are ready.

Taurus: “Actions speak louder than words.” You know how it is done, and you know precisely what, to whom, and how, you want it delivered. Who better than you to expand upon the “Ideal” and make it real? Just do it.

Gemini: Look at the facts. What do they tell you? A culmination has been reached, an ultimatum delivered. Now, clear your mind, and go do something physical, that makes you sweat, focusing full attention upon the directive. Let go.

Cancer: Trying to drown your pain doesn’t work. Get out of the house and go do something fun, or better yet start painting “butt naked” sling that paint, make that space your own. It is time you lived your own life.

Leo: What do you value? What belongs to you? Time to celebrate your successes. A pat on the back for all you have done. A party for you. What is the challenge? Get passionate about that. Feel better now? Do it.

Virgo: A certain karma has been fulfilled. You should feel good about that. Why don’t you? Instead there is an emptiness, a feeling of anger. It was not your choice, and you must respect theirs, and move on. The future awaits you.

Libra: Whew! Aren’t you glad that you finally got past all that hesitancy, and finally made the decision, to open-up to the world around you. Like throwing open the windows for the Sun to come shining brightly through. I certainly am.

Scorpio: Sometimes you must be asked for your help or opinions. It is not appreciated when given. Meanwhile, follow your own dreams and inclinations, put your energy and motivation toward building your future, leave the rest behind. That time is now.

Sagittarius: Time for a change. Personally, you just want to play, and be entertained. Fantasy is good too so long as not too much is expected of you. If it gets too serious, you’ll bail. Diversity is the key to freedom.

Capricorn: “Waiting is” If you feel that things are back pedaling, take a moment to look at the details, see what you have missed. When you correct this, you will be surprised at how quickly everything moves forward, and comes together.

Aquarius: When you don’t take the time to resolve and learn from your mistakes, you will find that they continue to hit “instant replay” with a different type of situation, place, and face. You a cannot run away from fate, balance.

Pisces: It all starts out the same; The dream, attraction, excitement, the passion ignites, you are one. Closer and closer to perfection the mind, the Spirit, emotional fun. What is the solid, basic, foundation, that evolves into a sustainable, substantial life?