Astrologically Yours

Aries: Sometimes overthinking something or “stinking thinking” can dam up the very flow that is needed to “see” or become the process of creation. Get out of your way. Take a nap, go fishing, let go and let God/Goddess, please!

Taurus: Reality is a relative state. If we start out with eggs, bacon, bread, we generally come up with breakfast. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the “bling”. You know the real thing? Listen to your heart.

Gemini: If your mind is foggy take a nap, until you are clear, before you make any decisions based on fear. You are way too close to the forest to see the trees, much less hear the birds or the bees.

Cancer: Get over your bad self, make sure your feet are on “terra firma” shake lose all that “fairy dust” seek your own truth. Yes, it has been charming, and it may have been “grand lust” enjoy the memories, wave bye-bye.

Leo: Get a hobby that involves intermingling with people who really are trying to “save” the whales, or rebuild a neighborhood. Optimism and faith will follow, blowing away all those fears that have been rattling in your personal closet soon after.

Virgo: What is your dream? Where did you lose touch with that concept, winding your entire life’s blood around somebody else’s manipulations? Love is a mutual “feel good society” it is never one sided, if it becomes this, you serve it.

Libra: When it is cold and you stand in front of a fire you get warm. When the fire goes out, it is generally because it has not been tended. Lack of attention kills everything. What’s your Karma like right now?

Scorpio: There is no one to talk to. There is no one to call. Time to make new friends, get involved in life again. Sow better seeds this time. Take some time to figure out how you need to change. Research.

Sagittarius: What is your primary goal, or focus? It does seem a shame to put out all that energy, all those resources, of time and effort, toward creating nothing of any lasting value at all. Guess what you get in return?

Capricorn: Anytime you care more about somebody else than you do yourself, there is an imbalance. Real relationships are based on mutual time, and effort. If this is not apparent, you need to figure out why that is. Talk it out.

Aquarius: Too many pipe dreams? You are not a Flamingo. There’s a great big world out there, and they’re looking at you; Deliver. If not, they’ll find someone who will, after the initial “shakedown” of course. Get with the program!

Pisces: Reality check: What are you relating to? Who do you love? Reflections from where? Are you using all those marbles you claim to have boxes full of? What are you creating around you? Dreams are great if you’re living them.