Astrologically Yours

Aries: If your best efforts never seem to reap good returns, like a beautiful vase with a hole in its bottom, you feel robbed. It’s not about acquisition, it’s in the details and not superficial. Go deeper. What’s really missing?

Taurus: You’ve made a commitment to do the work and you are following through on every level. Why are you still feeling as if no one appreciates you for any of it? This too shall pass. Count your blessing, surprise yourself.

Gemini: Children teach us how to play, like there is no tomorrow; Say and act how we truly feel, without apology; Think that we should always ask for what we really want, and expect it to be delivered by Santa Claus.

Cancer: Life is short. Have that conversation with a friend, break the ice, tell them how much you truly care. What is the problem? Why can’t you be involved in their kind of situation? Is it fear, or lack of information?

Leo: Yo-ho-ho, and away we go, off to the “wild blue yonder” once again, to experience exciting and lovely times with entertaining people. This is what you asked for. Isn’t it? Roll with it. Rest when you can. Keep on smiling.

Virgo: Finding out the truth about jointly held resources, and who is responsible for this shocker, clears the air, forcing you to see clearly, whether you want to or not. You must get closure on a situation, setting permanent boundaries.

Libra: Hyperventilation can happen now, sometimes when you get too much of a good thing too quickly, or too intimately, it can throw you off balance. Try to maintain some positive perspective, or you’ll go down with the ship.

Scorpio: Your eyes are wide open and you are completely aware. Isn’t it amazing how much you miss when you live on “cruise control” for so long? Loads of things become apparent, go with it. Refocus, redirect, action is needed.

Sagittarius: If something seems too good to be true, maybe you should ask yourself some serious questions about how much you value yourself. Do you think that you are undeserving of the good things in life, or do you recognize illusion?

Capricorn: Your dream home may become reality, although, it may just be as simple as deciding that where you are, is the right place to be, and just redecorate. It’s amazing how making a solid decision about something can change everything, isn’t it?

Aquarius: Destiny; Exactly what does that mean? You may be angry at certain restrictions in a relationship due to outside conflict. Don’t hold in how you feel, talk it out. Ask those personal questions you forgot about when blinded by desire.

Pisces: Speaking from the heart has never been sweeter or more fulfilling. As your heart expands, so does your mind, and a personal dream just might become reality. Fill in the blank spots before you take the ultimate plunge, Peter Pan.