Astrologically Yours

Aries: Caught between the joy of realizing the dream and the reality of day to day living, sometimes we question our reason for being and doing. This is a normal occurrence, share it with your loved ones and celebrate your creations.

Taurus: A sense of wonderment, fulfillment, and belonging to the greater whole is shared with friends and loved ones. You have never felt happier, or more blessed. It is as it should be. It don’t get better than this.

Gemini: Let the fireworks begin, just do it! Jump into the dream, act on it. Everything seems possible now, believe it, pitch the deal, seriously. Actions, followed by commitment, as a community, to a common goal, changes things.

Cancer: Don’t you just love rattling the cages of all those who once thought that they were authority figures, in control of you? Shake off the old, in with the new. If you can dream it. You can do it. The sky is the limit.

Leo: Love lightly, joyfully, share your hopes and wishes, with someone who treasures you. Light a few candles, howl at the Moon. Just over the horizon a new world is forming, just for you. Are you ready to surrender your fear?

Virgo: Expand upon your vision, follow through on your creative brain-child, ask for help when you need to, and you will get it. New gifts become apparent. You can utilize these realizations to start something brand new, inspiration comes.

Libra: Love with all your heart and soul, give it all you’ve got, but don’t forget one important rule. Don’t try to own the one you love, nor force them to bend, or you’ll break and destroy it all.

Scorpio: Now that you know that anger is your nemesis, what will you do? Embrace it for what it is, open your heart, surrender, deny it, and you will keep it for the rest of your life, and beyond. Break the pact, now.

Sagittarius: People are not Selkies. You cannot capture them, and own them forever. Just like anything else, they will die in captivity. It is better to simply love them and share their world at special times, in magnificent places.

Capricorn: Spontaneous combustion, is what you need, before the top of your head blows off from built up frustration. Laugh, dance, make music and love. Forget the everyday world for awhile and just allow yourself to play.

Aquarius: It’s a whole new world out there, filled with new friends, experiences, places to be, and you are busting out all over. Time to create your life exactly how you want it to be. The imagination ignites you.

Pisces: Dreams can come true if you really want them to. Just hang on and follow your bliss, you can have this. Just over the rainbow there is a place you can go. For a time, this is your special gift.