FKCC offers opportunities at April 16 Job Fair



Who knew that the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key needs people to do things other than train dolphins? To the uninitiated: The research center hires people for all kinds of disciplines — most of them on dry land.

The research center — one of several organizations looking to meet job applicants at the Florida Keys Community College Job Fair in April — has a lot of opportunities, both paid and unpaid, said Becky Rhodes, the center’s director of volunteer services.

More than a dozen companies and organizations will be at the April 16 job fair at Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center on the college campus. It runs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Employers suggest that applicants dress appropriately, bring a resume (list jobs no matter how insignificant you think they might be) and for added punch, bring letters of recommendation from employers, teachers, or respected members of the community.

If you’ve never held a job, list school accomplishments, sports teams you’ve played for, organizations you’ve belonged to, or other non-job experience. Even listing hobbies is a door opener, giving employers a chance to pose questions about what interests you.

“We have all kinds of activity here, we have every kind of positions here from animal trainers to accounting office and gift shop personnel, and facility maintenance workers on the land side,” said Rhodes of the Dolphin Research Center.

“We have an extensive intern program in our visual communications department (photography) and hire from time to time in our IT department; and because we have so many school children visit the center, we need people who are earning their education degree or want to teach children, a lot of children.”

But there are opportunities for those with dive certification to maintain the underwater habitat for the dolphins and sea lions and room for people who want to be involved in animal care and the research department, where scientists undertake dolphin and sea lion cognitive and behavioral research.

She’ll be taking applications for paid workers as well as unpaid internships at the fair, she said.

“We have a large educational effort, so anyone who are planning to be teachers will find plenty of opportunity here to gain teaching experience.”

Kayla Tollen, owner of Kayla Advertising on Flagler Avenue, produces marketing and promotional products nationwide. She’ll be looking for people with skills she can use at her booth at the FKCC Job Fair.

“I’m looking for part-time people to update our database with customer information and to perform customer service functions,” said Kayla, a life-long educator who had a radio show in Baltimore during which she interviewed experts in education and learning, among other guests.

“I need people who can call our regular customers to make sure they have everything they need and to introduce our products to organizations who rely on us to get their name into the marketplace,” she said.

“It’s not just a job,” she said. “Our employees leave with a complete skill set and experience that all professions need,” she said.

The companies and organizations expected to be at the job fair: First State Bank of the Florida Keys; Bank of America; Banana Republic; Peace Corps; HMS Global Maritime; U.S. Army Reserves; Publix; Hyatt Resorts; Kayla Advertising; Mary Kay Cosmetics; Monroe County Sheriff’s Office; Monroe County Government; South Florida Workforce; Radio Shack; Westin Resorts; Dolphin Research Center; Waldorf Astoria-Casa Marina Resort; Historic Tours of America, and Hawks Cay Resort.