11 arrested in Quality of Life Operation

Responding to numerous complaints, Key West Police quality of life officers on Monday arrested 10 people and issued one Notice to Appear. Business owners, residents and tourists complained over the weekend of a growing number of vagrants violating municipal ordinances.

During the one-day operation, officers arrested two homeless people for trespassing – one at Poinciana Elementary School and the other at Key Plaza.

Five people were arrested at Mallory Square on charges of open containers. One suspect was also charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and another had an outstanding warrant out of North Carolina.

Three people were arrested at Smather’s Beach, and two others were arrested for open containers at Bayview Park and on Caroline Street.

The officers noted that there was an increasing number of vagrants hanging out after hours at Smather’s Beach and at Mallory Square. Although 11 people face charges, there were many more contacts during the operation.

“We’ll be increasing patrols and continuing to address quality of life issues to ensure public safety,” said Capt. JR Torres.

Property owners who are concerned about vagrants trespassing on their property can lodge an “authorization to trespass” letter to the Key West Police Department. The letter authorized officers to remove trespassers when they deem it necessary.